Why Choose 120ADVERTISING for Your Business?

Why Choose 120ADVERTISING for Your Business?

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This is a more than slightly biased article because we obviously want you to join us, now that we’ve got this out of the way we can honestly discuss the reasons that would bring both yourself and your business great benefits by joining 120ADVERTISING Integrated Marketing and Events.

120ADVERTISING Offers Integrated Marketing Services

Why would you care if you only want to create a website? Just think that at some point you might need help with your social media presence or decide to plan an event. Perhaps the time will come to start paid media campaigns or create a corporate video. Would you rather have to move to another agency that knows nothing about your brand and start from scratch? Not only is it more cost-effective to get all your services from one place, it is far more beneficial for your company’s overall brand and success.

120ADVERTISING Has a Proven History

We’ve been delivering integrated marketing solutions for over five years while our individual experiences in marketing easily exceed a decade. Our team is made up from awesome and professional specialists who’ve smashed it with huge brands such as Apple, Revlon, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Marvel, Disney, MasterCard, Coca Cola, AdBoard, The Sunday Times, Thomson Reuters, easyMarkets, and more. Our client base as 120ADVERTISING includes the Ministry of Shipping, the Make-Up Studio, Ecco Shoes, Agora, Trade.io, Roddy Damalis, FxPrimus and many more.

A few of the brands our team has worked with

We’re Big Enough to Deliver & Small Enough to Care

At first you might think having a company who cares is not top priority and you’d be correct. Top priority is achieving your marketing goals and we’ve got that covered. However, when you stress about your upcoming campaign and need to ask more questions or feel like you need to re-discuss an idea you’ll really wish you’d chosen an Agency that is available, present and treats you as one of their team. We’re not joking, our clients deliberately come earlier than their meetings to grab a coffee with their favorite team members, and it’s a common joke that some of our clients spend as much time in the office as us.

120ADVERTISING Is Proud to Have an International Team

Not only are our people excellent at what they do, they also happen to be international. From Greece to Ireland, South Africa to Spain, Cyprus to Syria, Serbia the UK, Lebanon and Israel. Why does this matter to you? Our different cultures and marketing experiences in different parts of the world create a melting pot right under the 120ADVERTISING roof. This is why magic happens in every brainstorming session. Also, in most cases we probably have someone who speaks your language.

Our Infused Marketing Minds Are Creative & Think Outside the Box

We deter from repetitive non-branded marketing! Instead we always push for something new, exciting and out-of-the-box that will disrupt the market and catch your audience’s attention. Whether it’s a social media post, website or marketing campaign our aim is to make an impact.

We are Located in the Heart of The City

This means whenever you have a meeting with us or simply want to pop in, it’s super easy and close to everything. You can say hello on your way to shop in Anexartesias street, during your lunch break at Saripolou and any time you are taking a lovely walk around the old-town. Our street-style office blends into the old-town by being super friendly and welcoming, complete with a secret garden where some of our meetings take place when the weather is nice - we are known to pop open a drink or two every Friday in our garden.

120ADVERTISING secret garden session

120ADVERTISING Is Happy Making!

Yes, again super-biased but we’ve proven to ourselves and others time and again that we not only deliver but exceed expectations which makes clients happy! Not only that, but being part of the 120ADVERTISING fam - which you will be once you start working with us - is an overall happy-making experience and this is perhaps one of our proudest advantages.

Clients and friends at the 120ADVERTISING #JingleMingle Christmas party

We are excited to hear from you and meet up to discuss improving your business. Are you as excited to meet us?


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