The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist

The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist

Posted by: 120 Advertising

There are 3.7 billion email users in the world. The U.S. which is a leader in advertising is expected to increase its email advertising spending from 270 million U.S. dollars in 2015 up to 350 million U.S. dollars in 2019. Email marketing costs a fraction of what media buys, social media campaigns, google ads, print media and most other marketing channels cost. This simple calculation leads to the simple conclusion that every business should utilise email marketing in its strategy.

The biggest investment in email campaigns is time. In order to craft successful email campaigns that can drive results for your business you have to set goals and ensure every aspect of your campaign is in-line with your target.

This is the 120ADVERTISING ultimate checklist for designing a successful email campaign


Some industries have proven to see much higher results from email marketing - for example healthcare and travel are two sectors where marketers have reported they fully incorporate email marketing in their promotional strategies. Research the average open and CTR rates for email campaigns in your industry.


Even the best crafted, well rounded email will fail if sent to the wrong audience. Filter your database and make correct market segments before starting. Ensure every email campaign's directed at the right segment of your market depending on its goal.

Content & Brand Language

Subject lines, titles, CTAs and overall content quality contributes to the success of an email campaign. Take your brand, audience and goal into consideration. In today’s crowded market, your top priority is offering compelling and actionable content.

Design & Branding

Much like content, design has to be tailored for your audience and communicate your brand. If your audience already recognizes you from your website or ads, they need to make a quick and direct correlation with your emails. This will increase their trust and flexibility to accept your offer.


Email marketing is very time-sensitive. You need to study your market and find out the times during which there's an increase in open-rates. Factors which dictate your timing include country, age-group, industry and more.


Frequency's a delicate subject that you must carefully study. It usually depends on what type of content your email will offer; simple updates, announcements, useful content for end-users such as articles or tips etc. No matter what you do, never spam.

Technical Optimisation

Making sure emails don’t end up in spam is an email specialist’s arch nemesis. You must stay updated on conditions and algorithms designed by email providers that prevent your email from ever reaching an inbox. A few factors that tend to affect your reachability are subject lines, amount/ size of images used, attachments, and more.

Marketing Approach

Email marketing is a complex field that consists of many subcategories. These include newsletters, triggered email campaigns, post-purchase drip email campaigns, promotional campaigns and many more. Choose one or more approaches depending on your overall marketing strategy.

Ongoing Testing

Email marketing perhaps requires the most testing out of any other method. It’s based on trial and error and it's a never-ending process of development. A/B testing will allow you to draw an exact parallel between what works and what doesn’t. Try two types of subject lines, see which gives the best results. Try different CTAs, different images, different titles, and analyse the results to keep learning and improving.

Have you been taking all these factors into consideration when creating your email marketing campaigns? You can speak to 120ADVERTISING and we will help you craft successful marketing campaigns that drive results.


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