The Strength of Teaming Up with an Integrated Marketing Agency

The Strength of Teaming Up with an Integrated Marketing Agency

Posted by: dominique

Enhancing marketing efforts to obtain the results needed, is an aspect which is at the heart of the majority of companies; big, small, B2B or B2C. Having an in-house marketing team has been the norm for years, but those brands looking to get more out of their marketing efforts seek, or should seek, for a marketing agency.

Many may be wary as to delving into a relationship with a marketing agency; will they understand my brand? Will they reach my target audience? Will they portray only the best of what we have to offer? How much will it cost? These doubts could get in the way of brands taking the step to reach their full marketing potential.

So, we have come up with a guide on what to expect from a marketing agency, how it can benefit your brand, and how best to work with your outsourced team.

An agency will save you quite a few bucks

Think for a moment the costs you need to have a full in-house marketing team. Graphic designers, content writers, social media managers, web developers, project managers… and the list goes on. To have an efficient team, you need to pay; pay for experts to build your brand and expose it to the market you want. With an integrated marketing agency, you will be paying just a fraction, for the whole team! Possibly 1 or 2 salaries of your in-house team will cover the monthly costs of an entire agency team with unbeatable skills.

An agency gives you what you want… and more

You may have an abundance of ideas that you want to execute, but just don’t know how to go about it, or your in-house team simply may not have the knowledge to do so. With an integrated marketing team, you can expose your ideas, and through their experience with numerous brands and projects, they will execute and deliver the solution you need.

An agency homes the specialists

Despite having a fully-functional internal marketing team, you may have to still seek for expert advice from outside. Marketing agencies have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge. They have the advantage of having been able to work on multiple projects, providing them with the expertise of what works and what does not. As opposed to your in-house team, they have the experience of executing a number of brands’ marketing, having tried an array of strategies, and thus being able to offer you something ‘different’ that will enhance your chances of obtaining the ROI you are looking for.

An agency will welcome you to the team

A reputable marketing agency, despite being outsourced, will be completely integrated with your company. Communication between the brand and agency is key in achieving goals and to constantly keep aligned on messaging and all projects to give your brand the best exposure. You become one of their team and they become an extension of your brand.

An agency is one step ahead

With a full team at your fingertips, you will be able to take advantage of the knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in marketing. Due to the fact that marketing agency’s live and breathe marketing, they are constantly ahead of the curve, educating themselves, brainstorming as a team and always striving to keep ahead of competitors.

An agency knows best

The advice provided by a marketing agency, is priceless. Thanks to having presented lots of projects for all types of industries and clients, they will know exactly how to advise you to proceed. They will give you an insight that you may not find within your internal team. And best of all, the additional expert perspective comes along with the package. A creditable agency will always take the time to listen to their clients’ needs and find the ideal strategy to reach goals.

Constantly keeping in line with your vision and posing as a backbone of your marketing efforts, a reputable marketing agency will help you grow, not only marketing wise, but brand-agency relationship wise also, providing you with a lot of value whilst working towards a common goal. It could be a marketing match-made in heaven.

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