The 120ADVERTISING Guide to Marketing at Asian Expos

The 120ADVERTISING Guide to Marketing at Asian Expos

Asia is undeniably one of the biggest markets that offers opportunities for almost every business, it is also a very difficult market to break into. One way to introduce yourself is to exhibit your business at a local expo. Expos for many industries take place in various Asian countries around the year, for example thousands of Forex industry experts attend the iFX EXPO ASIA in Hong Kong every year.

Reserving a booth and joining an expo is simply not enough to get the attention of locals. Instead you will have to take this opportunity to stand out among thousands of competitors and appeal to a new audience. Having worked with Asian companies, foreign companies who have business in Asia and expos that are organised in the region, 120ADVERTISING has prepared the ultimate guide for successfully exhibiting in Asia.

1. Don’t Generalise Your Audience

First and foremost don’t make the common mistake of optimising your marketing for ‘Asia’. Asia is a large continent in which cultures differ extremely along one city to the next! Think of the exact location you will be exhibiting at (i.e. Hong Kong, Bangkok) and the specific audience you want to attract for your product or service.

2. Optimise Your Digital Marketing

Before you even get to the expo you want to make sure attendees have heard of your name and are familiar with your company. This means promoting to the local audience who will likely attend an expo so far away from where you are headquartered. While you can inform your global audience, chances of them travelling to Asia to meet you are very slim.

3. Include a Local in Your Team

If your team includes a local to the country you will be exhibiting in, bring them along! You can only learn so much about foreign culture in a limited amount of time. Considering the noticable difference between Asia and the rest of the world, you’d be a few points ahead of your competitors by doing so.

4. Start Translating Your Marketing Material

This may seem logical but many companies leave translations to the very last minute - leading to stress, delays and a lot of room for error. Make sure you decide on the material you will use from early on and get it professionally translated with an agency who can localise the content.

5. Create Specialised Marketing Material

You can step it up and create customised material for your attendance at an Asian expo. This way your designs, content and selling points will appeal to the right audience. Additionally, locals will be able to tell the difference and appreciate your effort.

6. Get Techie

Most countries in Asia are known for their advanced technology and love for gadgets. This means you have to be on-point when it comes to showcasing your products; make sure your website is responsive on all devices, your apps are up-to-date and your gadgets - if you have any - are on display.

7. Don’t Forget About Non-Asians

If the expo you are attending will include a large number of foreigners, like yourself, make sure you are prepared with English material and a team that can help them out as well. You never know what local opportunities you might run into on the other side of the world.

If you are preparing for an Asian expo the 120ADVERTISING team has plenty of experience in that area and we are always happy to discuss your business and help you successfully exhibit at an Asian (or any other) expo.