New Year's Marketing Resolutions Your Business Needs in 2019

New Year's Marketing Resolutions Your Business Needs in 2019

Posted by: 120 Advertising

A new year warrants new ways to keep your audience engaged. Just like you make New Year’s resolutions for your personal life you must go ahead and decide what new resolutions you need for your business in 2019. If you haven't yet thought about it, here are some strategic ideas from 120ADVERTISING to help you start (and end) this year successfully.

Create a Marketing Strategy

If you aren't already following a long-term marketing strategy you must create a new strategy for 2019. Include all the goals you want to achieve by the end of the year and how you'll achieve them. By thoroughly following the strategy and measuring your achievements you're set to have a more successful and lucrative year.

Take Advantage of Local and International Events

Don’t forget to stay relevant by planning ahead and creating event-specific campaigns for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Easter, Black Friday and any other occasion which is relevant to your business. It’s best to begin working on your campaigns early to ensure everything is completed on time and up to standard.

Take Advantage of Social Media Trends

Try as much as possible to keep your social media posts, especially on Twitter, parallel with current trends. Infuse your brand with international trends which are expected (like #StarWarsDay) or ones which will happen on-the-spot based on current events (like 2018’s #ff). This little trick will guarantee a lot more reach for your brand. You can always find the current trends on the left side of your Twitter homepage - on desktop.

Collaborate with Influencers

Don’t underestimate the power of influencers in your marketing strategy! Establish good connections with relevant influencers, invite them to your store or events and make them feel welcome. It’s always good to provide them with gifts that represent your brand, because one post on their social media pages (usually Instagram) means instant exposure to thousands or millions of followers that trust the influencer. In some cases influencers will ask for specific payments per post or mention, while some are happy to receive nice gifts. The more you invest in your relationship with influencers the more they will invest in promoting your brand.

Consider Using a Brand Ambassador

This may be one of the more pricey marketing tricks but if your business is ready for it, you can consider investing in a brand ambassador. You’ve seen George Clooney in Nespresso ads and Julia Roberts posing for Calzedonia, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Well known personalities who are open for sponsoring brands are listed along with their price and package they offer. You can pick the appropriate person and strike a deal. In some cases it may be a big financial investment but if executed right it can place your brand among the top players.

Expand Your Advertising Efforts

If you’ve kept your advertising small, you may want to consider investing in strategic marketing and advertising that is customised for your brand in 2019. It will go a long way in increasing your sales and overall success. You can achieve that by hiring your own marketing team and investing in an experienced CMO and specialists who can make a difference. Alternatively you can hire an outsourced agency to help you focus on your weaknesses and improve your strengths through a successful marketing strategy.

If you are interested in the above marketing methods and generally in improving your business this year, speak with 120ADVERTISING. As your outsourced advertising team we can guide your brand in the right direction and help you set and achieve your goals in 2019.

Happy New Year!


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