Let’s Get Social with 120ADVERTISING: An Inside Look at What it Takes to Successfully Run Social Media Channels for Business

Let’s Get Social with 120ADVERTISING: An Inside Look at What it Takes to Successfully Run Social Media Channels for Business

Posted by: 120 Advertising

A little over a decade ago social media barely existed, until a student project blew up into a little network we now know as Facebook. Today Facebook is not only the main medium for social connections, it is also a major part of advertising, marketing and business growth.

Thanks to this exponential growth, the position of ‘social media expert’ has become a key role which is vital in any digital marketing or advertising team. It’s natural to imagine the role as easy money; spending your day on Facebook and Twitter. In reality, successfully managing social media as a marketing channel is a technical and creative challenge which takes hard work, a high-level of skill in content writing, dedication, technical knowledge, advertising knowledge and lots of organisation.

The 120ADVERTISING social marketeers - as we like to call them - know exactly what it takes to manage not one or two but dozens of clients’ social media accounts and deliver results on a daily basis. This is your inside look at what it takes to be a social media pro.

Strategy, strategy, strategy!

Even the simplest of social media posts are part of a bigger and more complex strategy which is designed as soon as a new client starts working with 120ADVERTISING. A social media strategy is part of an overall communications plan and requires the expertise of our content strategist, head of creative, growth specialist and social media team. Every post plays its part in the strategy and helps us bring our clients closer to their goals.

Social media is really technical

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all social media channels work on algorithms which are constantly getting updated. All social media campaigns heavily depend on understanding these algorithms and abiding by their rules to make sure the brand reaches the right audience. Any amount of creativity is not enough without understanding the technical aspect of social media promotions.

24/7 trend-watch

A large force behind social media are the local and international trends which can pop up at any point of the day or night thanks to any unexpected event from a political speech gone wrong, to a random celebrity scandal. Thanks to a large clientele base from a variety of industries, all trends may be exposure opportunities which is why our social team ensures they are aware of global events which are making their way to social media.

Succeed. Measure. Improve

There’s no cap on how successful a brand can be on social media which is why social media campaigns are not static. Once a campaign has been launched, the results are measured and the strategy is tweaked to further improve the results.

Social marketeers are also organisation elves

It is within best practices to prepare an average of three Facebook posts per week, 1 LinkedIn post per day, 15 tweets per day, 11 Pinterest pins per day and 1-2 Instagram posts every day. Facebook posts perform best from 1:00 to 4:00 pm while LinkedIn posts are better between 10 and 11 am. Time-zones dictate that the posts are put-up at different times depending on the target audience. Different brands may require slightly specialised schedules depending on the stage the company is at and its goals. These are just a few of the considerations which have to be taken in order to create an effective monthly schedule … for every one of the dozens of brands we work with. And that’s why a social media expert has to also be an organisation guru.

These are a few of the skills a social media marketing expert needs in order to get the job done right. Luckily at 120ADVERTISING we have found excellent social marketers who’ve helped many brands expand their social media presence and run successful campaigns. If your business needs social marketing let’s chat today.