Job Title: Art Director

Job Title: Art Director

Posted by: 120 Advertising

Summary: The Art Director will lead the design team and supervise the work of other graphic designers, putting them through in creating and executing fresh designs. Reports to: Director of Marketing As an expert in the field, he/she will make use of his/her wealth of experience to effectively understand client job needs and communicate them to other team members.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Create new and original designs from scratch for brands based on client specification, needs and brand image
  • Supervise projects to ensure that all materials ordered arrive upon agreed time and are in good shape to obtain maximum results
  • Make sure that job deadlines are met in due time, ensuring that job quality is nothing short of the best
  • Create and maintain files for all creative assets and resources, such as software, art materials, and special fonts, which are needed for record keeping and referencing
  • Evaluate and manage production resources to enhance high productivity and allocations
  • Facilitate product campaigns and marketing via emails, microsites and other landing pages to boost client to customer interactions
  • Liaise with other members of the graphic design team to maximize creativity and excellence in performance and delivery
  • Supervise and mentor design staff on project execution, and submit performance report on assigned projects to the executives for appraisal.


  • Degree in Design or in a related field
  • 6+ Years of experience in web and print design in an international agency
  • Experience in Motion Graphics
  • Creative with the ability to make designs from the scratch
  • Have good knowledge of corporate branding, digital media and color theory
  • Have good information finding skills
  • Knowledgeable about Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint, and other design software programs
  • Ability to imbibe good time management and multitasking skills in executing projects
  • Good managerial skills to carry other team members along.