Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the $20 Billion Valentine’s Day Market?

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the $20 Billion Valentine’s Day Market?

Posted by: 120 Advertising

Valentine’s Day is the official kick-off for Q1 revenue for businesses as the first consumer-based holiday of the year. This means ramping up marketing efforts to take a piece of the over $20 billion market.

In 2018 the total spending for Valentine’s Day in the United States alone was estimated at $19.6 billion. With Jewelry ($4.7 billion), hospitality ($3.7 billion), and flower shops ($2 billion) in the lead. Even anti-valentine gifts occupy 3.3% of the pie. Given these statistics, it would be a waste not to invest in marketing for the holiday of love.

Couples, families, friends, even colleagues have jumped on the Valentine’s day wagon spreading the love with gifts. All they need is the incentive and creative push to choose your product for that special day. How can you achieve that? 120ADVERTISING will take you through excellent examples to get your creative engines started.

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

Email databases are an extremely useful resource for holiday marketing. Showcase products that would work best to express love and send a message that speaks directly to your audience. T-Mobile did it best with their ‘break up letter campaign’ compelling users to ‘break up’ with their current cell phone companies and move to T-Mobile.

Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaigns

Using trending social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can help you create a viral campaign. Think of an unusual angle that will speak to your audience, ask them to participate, come up with a catchy hashtag and watch your campaign spread like wildfire. A great example is Nina Ricci’s innovative ‘My Best Valentine’ contest appealing to BFFs over couples, with the hashtag #MyBestValentine. Who doesn't like the concept of sisters before misters?

Valentine’s Day Compelling Creatives

Can you create something that will stick in people’s mind and provoke action? Sometimes a simple but smart image can do all the work for you. IKEA is known for its out of the box idea and this Valentine’s Day ad is a perfect example.

Valentine's Day Video Marketing

Videos can tell love-stories of many different kinds, reminding consumers why love matters while promoting a product. Google mastered its Valentine's Day video ad with a love story told entierly through Google Search. Genius!

These creative ads show how cashing-in on Valentine’s Day does not solely belong to gift shops, flower shops or any of the usual suspects. Any business can tap in on the holiday and make an impression on consumers. If your business could use some love this Valentine’s Day, speak with 120ADVERTISING and we’ll nurture your marketing with TLC and loads of smart ideas.


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