Facebook vs. Instagram: Which one is better for your brand’s advertising?

Facebook vs. Instagram: Which one is better for your brand’s advertising?

Posted by: 120 Advertising

When launching a campaign on social media you need to know which platform suits you best. Is Facebook or Instagram the best choice for your marketing campaign? Even though both platforms boast millions of daily users, which one will work better for your brand? Our 120ADVERTISING team has all the info you need to know about the pros and cons of each. FACEBOOK Let’s talk numbers!

  • 2 billion users
  • 65 million business profiles
  • 83% of female and 75% of male internet users are on Facebook
  • 88% are 18-29 years old
  • 79% are 30-49 years old
  • 61% are 50-64 years old

Facebook has the widest audience of all the social media networks which why its precedence in reach is undeniable. Not only does it have a broad user base, but it also is popular with every generation; which is great if you want your brand to get exposure and you don’t need to target a specific age group. Another great advantage of Facebook is that it gives you the freedom to add as many links as you wish on your posts, something that Instagram doesn’t allow. This way, you can lead traffic to your website, e-shop, blog etc. Facebook is all about content. You can add info about your company; whether that’s business hours, an address, your mission or upcoming events, with Facebook you can do it all. INSTAGRAM The numbers here are a bit different!

  • 700 million users
  • 8 million business profiles
  • 38% of female and 26% of male internet users are on Instagram
  • 59% are 18-29 years old
  • 31% are 30-49 years old
  • 13% are 50-64 years old

Instagram is the perfect platform to show off your work visually and as the saying has it “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With Instagram ads, you can reach a wide audience and get the engagement you wish for. By showing your products you show what your brand is all about and it’s not by accident that Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook. People use Instagram not to see the working hours or the mission of a company, but to engage. The biggest difference between the two is that Instagram tends to be more popular among younger audiences; it’s Facebook’s child, so it’s younger and more creative. Taking everything into consideration, choosing the right network seems to depend on what you wish to achieve through your campaign, what are your brand’s goals and which is the audience you’re targeting. If you just wish to get more “likes” and show your work to a wide- and maybe younger- audience then Instagram is your platform; but if your brand requires more than just a picture to show its value, then Facebook will do the work, as you’ll be able to add content that will support the picture. This means that what works better for a brand might not be as good for another. After all, why not using both platforms? The best strategy for many brands is to maintain a presence on both, and use each when required. If you wish to learn more on how social media can help your business grow, give us a call on (+357) 25 340555 or send your message to info@120ADVERTISING.com.