The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide by 120ADVERTISING

The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide by 120ADVERTISING

Posted by: 120 Advertising

You’ve probably already received several messages from your local stores about major sales this Friday and if you check your inbox you’re probably going to find a dozen more. Every year local and international stores encourage customers to go on a shopping bonanza with discounts only ever seen on that special day at the end of every November; Black Friday

If you are simply a consumer then it’s time for you to prepare a shopping list and hunt down your favourite items If you run a business however, this is your chance to jump on the global bandwagon of business men and women increasing their revenue on the holiday-shopping kick-off day. If you haven’t prepared your Black Friday marketing plan yet you’re in luck; the 120ADVERTISING campaign managers have prepared the ultimate guide to help your business make the best out of this year’s black Friday.

Create a Full Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Considering the amount of competition for Black Friday sales, you should not hold back on your campaign. Create an impressive landing page specialised for Black Friday. Use google ads, social media, SMS and email campaigns to lead existing and potential clients to your landing page. Don’t underestimate this opportunity to increase your revenue.

Increase Your Marketing Spend

According to the US National Retail Federation, 174 million consumers shopped over the Black Friday weekend in 2017 in the US alone. 143 million of them shopped specifically on Friday. Keeping this in mind, it may be worth increasing your marketing spend with the potential of increasing your profits.

Go International on Black Friday

If you already have international target audiences, make use of your online shop and go the extra mile by offering discounts on shipping on a minimum amount of spend or even better, offer free shipping. This will put you in the lead over your competitors.

Release Your Black Friday Campaign Early On

A lot of shoppers are on the lookout for their fave items weeks in advance. Let them know they can get these items from your store before your competitors do.

Don’t Hold Back on Reminders

Usually too many emails or texts can be considered spammy, but on this occasion you want to stay on your customers’ Black Friday shortlist. Customers are also expecting stores to continue inviting them for their holiday sales.

Tell Your Customers What to Buy

Giving customers the choice between hundreds of items on sale may lead to them choosing nothing at all. Instead, highlight a selection of products, tell your buyers why they need those products and place them at the centre of your campaign.

Highlight ‘The Item’ of the Year

Choose one item which represents the type of products you sell. This may be the most popular product, or the least expected one, depending on your business and target audience. Highlight this item as ‘the Item to Watch Out For’ to grab viewers attention. For example, an electronic shop may choose to push for the newest PlayStation attracting a large amount of their target audience, while a clothes store could advertise a funky piece from their new collection which appeals to their audience.

Advertise Your Products as Gifts

Black Friday is the kick-off of the holiday shopping season and many view it as an opportunity to scratch a large number of gifts off their list. This creates the perfect opportunity to remind your audience that your products are the gifts they are looking for. For example, a jewellery shop can advertise a pair of earrings as ‘the Perfect Sparkle on Christmas Morning’, while a travel shop could advertise their ultimate backpack with ‘Make the Travellers in Your Life Happy this Holiday Season’.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating urgency always helps in pushing consumers to make decisions, especially on a day when they are already open to buying a large number of products. You can do that by placing ‘Sale of the Hour’ discounts on selected items or placing a countdown timer on specific item prices, such as ‘Now $20, Expires in 30 minutes’. This is very likely to push undecided customers into clicking that button.

Make Your CTAs Clear

Just think that online shoppers probably have several pages open at a time. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to spot that ‘Buy’ button and go ahead with the purchase.

Offer Better Deals with More Items

While your buyers are in a shopping frenzy and willing to buy multiple products, attract them with better deals. For example, if someone is buying a book, remind them that if they buy 2 books they get the third one for free and the total price for the three books will still amount to the price of one! Another way is to present them with products which complement the product they have already purchased. For example, if someone has just bought a set of whiskey glasses, offer them a whiskey-ball ice mold set with a 50% discount.

Test Different Black Friday Campaigns

The good news about Black Friday is that it happens every year and it never gets old. Track your campaigns’ performance accurately so you can try new tricks and improve on them every year.

If you need help in increasing your marketing efforts to take advantage of Black Friday or the many yearly occasions which present a great opportunity to increase your revenue, speak with the 120ADVERTISING team today.