6+1 Creative Marketing ideas for mothers day

6+1 Creative Marketing ideas for mothers day

Posted by: 120 Advertising

Mother’s Day is just a couple of days away and if you don’t already have a plan in place, it’s not too late to get started. Mother’s Day represents one of the biggest revenue opportunities. Make sure you don’t miss out. The team at 120ADVERTISING has gathered 6+1 creative marketing ideas, in order to help you make the most out of the Mother’s Day campaign.

1. E-mail Campaigns

“Happy mother’s Day” e-mails are the easiest and most common way to promote your brand. You have a great opportunity to promote your business and engage with your customers. Celebrate with your audience and show them how much you appreciate them.

2. Social Media Contests

There are so many contests to choose from. The most effective ones though, tend to be the photo contests. Encourage your audience to participate by uploading a photo of themselves with their mothers or kids. This way both mothers and children looking for a last minute gift can enter the draw and win a Mother’s day gift. Offer prizes that every mother would want; such as spa treatments, accessories, cosmetics etc. The better the prize the higher the engagement.

3. Mother’s day board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visually compelling platform and many people turn to it for Mother’s Day gift ideas. By creating an inspirational gift guide board on Pinterest you can easily promote your products and create engagement.

4. Promote your express shipping

Statistics show that mother’s day is one of the last-minute shopping holidays. If you have an online store you can help your customers out by giving them the choice of express shipping. Getting their mother’s gift on time will be priceless for them and will thank your brand for getting them out of trouble.

5. Easily shareable visual posts

Create some designs that simply say “Happy Mother’s Day” or “I love you mom”, that people can share on their profiles or their mother’s. Don’t forget to add your logo on them.

6. “Bring your mom and win” campaign

Spending some time with your mom could be the best gift she could ask for. Encourage your audience to bring their mothers in store and provide them with a discount. This way, you not only encourage your existing clients to visit your store, but also get a chance to win new customers; their mothers. +1. Giveaways Giveaways are always a great idea, because who doesn’t like a free gift? A simple gift tied to your product is a certain way to get people talking about your brand. Give them something that both mothers and the ones that are looking for a last minute gift, will be glad to have. No matter what Mother’s Day campaign you decide to launch this year, let us help you be on top of your marketing game. Just contact us on (+357) 25340555.