5 Tips For Project Managers From 120ADVERTISING

5 Tips For Project Managers From 120ADVERTISING

Posted by: 120 Advertising

Over the last 5 years 120ADVERTISING has grown exponentially and with that came the struggle with the organisation of countless projects for a large variety of clients. That’s where project management is key.

From our experience we have derived a few conclusions about project management; firstly it is the connecting line between creativity and organisation. Marketers are creative individuals with hundreds of ideas floating through their heads every day, that’s the core of the projects we eventually deliver, however, that same gift can also be the downfall of a marketer who can come up with ideas but can’t stay organised enough to complete them. That’s why project management is essential in an advertising agency more than any other company.

At 120ADVERTISING we have an open plan office which allows easy flow of thoughts, ideas and collaboration between all the sub-departments including content, creative, development, digital and more. The project manager jumps in and gathers all these thoughts and ideas about a project like flowers from different meadows and turns them into a pretty and tame bouquet. :)

Here are the 5 tips from 120ADVERTISING which will help you become a project management superhero:

1 - Understanding the Marketing and Advertising Bigger-Picture

Even though you are not directly involved in all projects you’ll find that your job will become much easier when you have at least a basic understanding about the work that your team is doing. You can estimate the time needed for each project, communicate better with the team and set more accurate deadlines and priorities.

2 - Inspire, Don’t Force

Just like a great manager, your job is to get the team to trust your instructions and know that you are there to help them reach their goals and KPIs. This will give you less opposition, make you more lovable - you don’t want to become the least liked person in the office for doing your job - and drive better results for the agency.

3 - Know that the ONLY Option is to Choose Quality Over Quantity

In a hectic advertising agency quality can be disrupted for quantity but the most valuable lesson is to know better than to promise deadlines that will sacrifice the quality of the work. All deadlines must be set within the capabilities of the team without compromising the end results.

4 - Become the Project Management System Guru

We know project management systems can sometimes be complicated, but as the project manager you should be on top of it and ready to answer any questions regarding the system, the tasks with in it and enforcing best the optimal use of it. This will lead the team to turn to you for organising their tasks and simultaneously help make your job easier.

5 - Always Respect Your Team

With a hectic schedule and many responsibilities on your shoulders, you can get lost in the heat of the moment and take your frustration out on your team. Before you make this mistake remember that they are working as hard as you are to help the agency succeed. It’s your job to navigate between the demands of client needs and the needs of your team. Keeping your team happy and appreciated will go a long way in improving the overall quality of work and in turn keeping the clients happy.

If you are looking for a well organised advertising team that will deliver high-quality work and help you transform your brand speak with 120ADVERTISING today.