5 Things to Take Advantage of at a B2B Expo

5 Things to Take Advantage of at a B2B Expo

Posted by: dominique

As the iFXEXPO International 2018 is just around the corner, it is the ideal time to acknowledge the benefits of attending a B2B expo, especially one such as iFXEXPO.

With B2B expos being specifically targeted at a certain industry, attending an expo can therefore be a unique way to meet like-minded people and businesses, and there are several benefits one can gain from attending. Let’s take a look at five important ways to make the most out of a B2B expo.


It’s nearly impossible to thrive in any specialist sector without having networked and created relevant and high quality connections. One of the ways in which any business, large or small, can do so is by attending B2B exhibitions as they allow you to network with thousands of like-minded professionals. During these encounters, it is imperative to exchange knowledge, tips, and of course contact details (especially emails, to add to your database). These could be of significant assistance to you, as a business, in the future. This means it is highly important to send your most sociable, interactive and business-minded employees to these events in order to network their way to the top.

Developing new relationships with exhibitors and visitors who have come from around the world and looking to expand their business, is therefore one of the most important things to take advantage of. However the key is to make your business shine!


Exhibitions can provide your team the opportunity to build stronger relationships. Consider it a team building day (or days)! B2B expos teach you how to improve the way you communicate and work with your colleagues, resulting in a more efficient business environment. In the long run, this can lead to higher levels of success for your business!


B2B expos are a practical way of gaining insight to new trends, and are a great source of knowledge relevant specifically to your field.

In order to address some possible issues faced by your business, B2B expos present seminars, held by esteemed speakers. Seminars essentially, give you access to a variety of topics related to your business, which you may want to expand on. Taking notes and implementing efficient strategies that are provided by experienced professionals is another effective way to take advantage of a B2B expo.


When attending a B2B expo, face-to-face interaction with fellow visitors and exhibitors is one of the most essential aspects. This is something that should take place throughout the event.

Without realising it, during these face-to-face interactions and one-on-one conversations, you are marketing your brand, as well as marketing yourself as part of your brand. There is nothing more influential than your own words. This is therefore the most essential opportunity to market your service or product. Needless to say, these events should certainly be attended by your employees who hold that extra convincing superpower.

Pre-planning is highly recommended, in order to present a great show to market your business in a better way. Some experts even say that B2B exhibitions are more credible than any other form of advertising, because for 2-3 days, you are building brand awareness to the right audience, in a more intimate environment.


Finally, as a business, you can further benefit in attending expos by researching and observing your competitors. This can be referred to as ‘market surveillance’, and it allows for checking-up and inspecting on competition first-hand.

If your competition is a visitor, you can study what their strategy is, how they approach their way of networking, and what their future plans for their business are. If your competition is an exhibitor, you can research them through their booths/stands, either by discussion or by testing their product. This is another way to look into your competitor’s future plans and is something which is far beyond focusing on just their website or online strategy.

Making the most of these experiences is one of the most important things to keep in mind!