5 Christmas Ads Worth Watching This Holiday Season

5 Christmas Ads Worth Watching This Holiday Season

Christmas advertising is a fast-growing market which has become an interwoven part of the holiday season. Our TVs wouldn’t feel the same without the many festive ads and commercials. Moreso, many businesses have taken it a few steps further and go out of their way to create creative, intriguing, hollywood standard ads.

If you have not yet been converted to a Christmas ad junkie, you can get a quick taste with 120ADVERTISING’s pick of this year’s Christmas ads.

Lidl - More For Everyone This Christmas Ad Series

Lidl hit the bullseye with a series of ads clearly telling its audience that they can get a lot more this Christmas, from the store. Considering the supermarket chain is known for its low prices, it speaks directly to the average, everyday people, promising the big family and the small family and the quiet family a rich Christmas. The ‘Hortus Oriental Spiced Gin’ ad expresses it best by focusing on a lady who’s proud to have “upgraded” her Christmas thanks to Lidl.

Amazon - Can You Feel It

Amazon brought back its singing boxes from last year for a jolly sing-along to the Jackson’s 1981 song Can You Feel it. Considering the online retailer delivers items from around the world, its ad promises joy and happiness from any amazon package that is delivered anywhere around the world. This builds direct correlation between the amazon logo and Christmas cheers, not to mention encourages people to start ordering their Christmas gifts.

Heathrow - The Heathrow Bears Return

Heathrow airport brought back Doris and Edward Bair, its beloved bears who have already appeared in two Christmas ads. The UK airport focused on two of the most important values during the holidays; home and family. The ad induces homesickness in expats and anyone abroad, encouraging them to fly back home.

Cadbury - Secret Santa

Cadbury went all out, uniting the entire world and telling them to be someone’s secret santa. Adults, kids, family, friends, lovers and anybody who watches the ad is inspired to surprise a loved one with a Chocolate. The chocolate brand has released many different Christmas packages, Christmas gift editions and even Christmas egs. Now it is positioning itself as the ideal gift for a secret santa, not to mention the entire ad is a call to action.

John Lewis - Elton John Lewis

Last but not least our Christmas ad list cannot be complete without John Lewis. We have already talked about their 2018 ad in collaboration with Elton John, but we feel inclined to mention it again just in case you’ve missed it. John Lewis which has led the past decade with its Christmas ads, collaborated with a mega star and still managed to pull a couple of tears out of us.

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Happy Holidays from 120ADVERTISING.