20 Common Words That are Actually Brand Names

20 Common Words That are Actually Brand Names

Posted by: 120 Advertising

Getting brand name recognition is the ultimate goal for every new business. In some cases, companies not only reached that goal, but they exceeded it so much, that it turned against them.

What happens when your brand name becomes so common it represents the product you are selling? People no longer identify your brand name with your brand, instead they use your brand name but pick out any brand offering the same product.

One of the most common examples is pampers. People pick up any brand of nappies yet refer to it as pampers. This leads to a loss of sales for ‘Pampers’ the company as it is no longer distinguished as a brand.

Here are 20 common words that you’d be surprised to find out are in fact brand names:

1. Bubble Wrap

Actual Name: Inflated Cushioning

2. Dumpster

Actual Name: Front loader waste container

3. Jacuzzi

Actual Name: Hot tub or whirlpool bath

4. Memory Stick

Actual Name: Flash memory storage device

5. Ping Pong

Actual Name: Table tennis

6. Post-it

Actual Name: Sticky note

7. Roller-Blades

Actual Name: Inline Skates

8. Super Glue

Actual Name: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

9. Escalator

Actual Name: Moving Staircase

10. Trampoline

Actual Name: Rebound Tumbler

11. VHS

Actual Name: Video Tape

12. Kleenex

Actual Name: Tissues

13. Hoover

Actual Name: Electronic Broom

13. Yo-yo

Actual Name: Return Tops

14. ZIP Code

Expired, registered service mark.

15. Zipper

Actual Name: Clasp locker.

16. Walkman

Actual Name: Personal Stereo

17. Taser

Actual Name: Electroshock Weapon, Stun Gun

18. Scotch Tape

Actual Name: Clear Adhesive Tape

19. Realtor

Actual Name: Real Estate Agent

20. Popsicle

Actual Name: Ice pop, Ice Lolly


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