120ADVERTISING “What Made me Become a Marketeer?”

120ADVERTISING “What Made me Become a Marketeer?”

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Marketing's a challenging field. We must be creative storytellers, accurate investigators, savvy techies, and outstanding communicators . We make unlimited imagination work with limited budgets. We create never-before-seen concepts whilst competing with tested campaigns. We deal with deadlines, never-ending edits, pressure and a great number of bosses who don’t understand what we’re doing, but we absolutely love it!

120ADVERTISING is proud to have an exceptionally talented group of enthusiastic specialists who've helped endless campaigns in dozens of industries succeed. Here’s how our people became marketeers:

Loucas - Director of Operations

“Marketing has always been an extension of my character which led to exploring and studying a variety of subjects and receiving three degrees in the creative and marketing sectors. Living in the UK ignited my love for marketing through work I did with companies such as the Volkswagen Group and Nottingham Forest Football Club (NFFC). Shortly after returning to Cyprus, I was hired by Laoura [Salveta] to join the easy-forex (now easyMarkets) marketing team in Cyprus. By then I was certain this is a challenge I wanted to pursue for the rest of my career. Our collaboration evolved into a friendship and a couple of years later we became partners at 120ADVERTISING with a common goal to pursue our love of marketing.”

Laoura - Director of Marketing

“As a child I was fascinated by fashion and watched people religiously follow the unique styles of different brands. By the age of 11 I'd been hearing stories from my cousin who worked in fashion PR in London and knew with absolute certainty that marketing was my calling. Waiting for adulthood to become a marketeer was not an option, so I jumped at the chance to work in promotions from the age of 16. I experienced working with brands under the Diageo umbrella like Guinness and Smirnoff, among others and continued following my passion from there and haven’t stopped since. My motto has been and always will be #LiveAndLoveWhatUDo”

Caroline - Deputy Marketing Director

“When I was a teenager, I had a hobby of collecting ads from magazines in a folder. I was fascinated by the creativity of an ad and its content, especially the clever ones that used to put a smile on my face and connect with my emotions. It's amazing how a simple idea born in a meeting room can turn into a globally recognised brand. At 120ADVERTISING we birth ideas and watch them manifest right before our eyes all the time, that’s why I love what I do.”

Dominique - Marketing Communications Manager

“Few jobs integrate creativity and innovation the way marketing does. Coming from a fashion journalism background, I transitioned into the marketing industry as a result of my admiration towards the skillful ways in which it serves as the bridge to connecting each and every brand to the entire world. Whether it's fashion, finance, shipping, or any other industry, marketing is crucial to every company; being a part of finding creative avenues for our clients to exceed their goals, is extremely rewarding.”

Deema - Content Manager

“I always knew my path would lead to a creative job, but analysing Volkswagen’s ‘think small’, ad campaign in Advertising 101 was the moment I decided I want to forever be creating big campaigns from small ideas that make a big difference. I took my love for creative writing and journalism and poured it into becoming a content marketing specialist. Nine years in, my journey has come full circle from Advertising 101 to 120ADVERTISING”

Andreas - Creative Director

“Creativity is responsible for everything around us, from the innocence of a child's drawing to the massive impact of a nuclear weapon. We are humans and we want to create things that will exist for eternity, so we could win over our mortal nature. I am and always was one of those people; trying to live forever through art and creativity”

Athena - Social Media Manager

“I started off with the goal of becoming a journalist but fortunately landed my first real job as a Marketing & PR assistant. Going with the flow I joined one of the largest fabric and wallcovering companies in the UK. The creativity, adventure and sheer joy of seeing results made me fall in love with marketing. I went on to get my Master’s Degree in Marketing and joined 120ADVERTISING in 2018. I have never looked back.”

Jason - Head of Business Development

“Creativity and imagination have always been in my nature, yet for many years my career path swayed into sales and business development. Last year I took a hard, honest look at what I truly wanted and diverted my path back to my real passion heading into marketing. Despite the challenge I found my place within a profession that balances between sales and creation. With 120ADVERTISING all the creativity, ideas and even catchphrases I love throwing around were put into a productive vessel.”

Patricia - PPC Specialist/ Performance Marketing Manager

“My moment with marketing was purely coincidental. It started with an opportunity to work as an affiliate manager in Israel. Five years into the job I gathered everything I’d learnt and became a media buyer. Without even realising it I had become a marketeer. Two years ago I completed a course in digital marketing and haven’t stopped since. I love marketing and can’t see myself in any other field.”

Foivos - Graphic Designer

“Up until uni I thought I was meant to be an architect, but once I started studying it, I despised its endless boundaries and missed creativity. So, instead I studied Graphic Design and Art Direction where I fulfilled my love for solving visual problems. My studies did not only help me be creative but also gave my projects a logical reason to exist. We are not here to just create a visually appealing world, but to make it easier for the world to arrive at smarter decisions."

Maria - Graphic Designer

“I became a graphic designer because the creative mind never stops learning! Through moments, tools, elements and energy you can be inspired and challenged each and every day to achieve incredible creative material. Also, for Graphic designers, everyday is different”

Evangelos - Graphic Designer

“I've always been intrigued by how design moves the world even if most people don't realise it. My inspiration came from my first design teacher at school, she pushed me to think beyond what I see and I pushed myself to be a part of the change that happens in the world around us every single day. I pulled my socks up and with my family’s support got my first laptop, installed photoshop and illustrator and got straight to work. I started learning how to create I’ve been creating ever since. I hope that one day I can also be an inspiration to others.”

Leonidas - Full Stack Developer

“I remember the day my dad bought me my first ever computer, it was the Intel 80486DX2/66Mhz, quite the machine for its time. The more I discovered the software and hardware of the PC the more I realized I wanted to create my own version of this magic. I pursued my dream by learning programming and building a website at Geocities, following that, I knew I wanted to become a software developer and create cool things. I’m still excited with the building process, discovering new technologies and finding inventive ways to help clients promote their brands and projects.”


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