120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Shop

120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Shop

Mr. Willy Wonka had been the most amazing, the most fantastic, the most extraordinary chocolate maker the world had ever seen! His legendary Wonka chocolate factory had lived through many years of glory and fame but with the approach of the digital age everything changed and the empire of Willy Wonka had diminished. Still as extravagant and eccentric as he had once been, Willy Wonka put his creative genius into opening a humble candy shop in candyland. There he created mouthwatering and scrumptious sweet delights for children. Expecting the success of his old empire to swiftly return, Willy Wonka did very little in terms of marketing. His name had done all the promotion for him in the past and it would once again, or so he thought. Months passed, Christmas was just around the corner and the Wonka Candy shop, despite its many colours, eye-catching designs, and the heavy rich smell of sweet delights, still saw very few customers.

One late afternoon, just before he closed the doors of the shop a young woman hurried in with two little girls each holding one of her hands. She brushed the cold away with a slight shiver as Willy Wonka closed the door behind her. She apologised in genuine tones for barging in so late and explained that her oldest daughter Chloe had insisted on coming into the shop when she’d seen it from across the street.

What you must know is Willy Wonka was insensitive and not accustomed to pleasing anyone. Visiting the Wonka Chocolate factory had been considered a privilege and a prize in itself, his larger than life personality made it hard for him to cope with being an average salesman. However, something about this woman’s infectious smile warmed his heart and allowed him to welcome her and her daughters in. While the little girls discovered all the unexpected candies and lickable wallpaper, the mother introduced herself to Willy Wonka and complimented his shop. “It’s a shame no one can discover your shop unless they walk this street” she said. Still infected by her kindness he told her the story of his golden age and how he’d crumbled down to opening a small humble shop which carried less than a quarter of his many unique chocolate and candy creations.

The mother listened intently but their conversation was interrupted when an argument broke between the two girls. She allowed each of them to pick a candy and ordered them home but before departing she left a business card that carried her picture on the counter with a logo of 120 ADVERTISING. In the next days Willy Wonka dwelled on thoughts of past and future all the while the smile on the card peeked at him. On one rather lonely afternoon he finally dialled the number.

A meeting and a store visit later Willy Wonka saw his name in the papers once more! This time around he was also online and in memes and in little videos on social media channels, his small humble store became the talk of the town and it flourished with children looking for all the delicious treats they have heard so much about. Even more so kids looked up to him in wonder as a new wave of Willy Wonka fans appeared. People recognised him on the streets and came to his store requesting the whipple-scrumptious fudgemallow delight, the everlasting gobstoppers and chewing gum meals for he had become the Willy Wonka the world had once known.

With a strong advertising team behind him, It wasn’t long before Willy Wonka restored the old Wonka Chocolate Factory which towered above the town with huge iron gates leading into it, a high wall surrounding it and smoke belching from its chimneys, and strange wheezing sounds coming from deep inside it. Outside the walls, for a half a mile around in every direction the air was scented with a heavy rich smell of melting chocolate!

When you use public relations the correct way, tremendous things are in-store for you and many wonderful surprises await you!

Happy Holidays from 120ADVERTISING