120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Tiny Tim

120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Tiny Tim

Christmas in the north pole can be cold and dreary, but santa’s workshop and his many elves keep the inhabitants warm and happy. Close to Christmas eve the marketeers decided to stroll out of the office and walk down the festive, snowy streets of the town they loved so much. As they joked and laughed and watched the lights towering the town, a dimly lit window cut their smiles short. They peeked into a room which barely reflected the colourful christmas festivities outside. There was a somber energy about the house which was entirely void of cheer.

A small family stood around a broken table with barely enough food to feed them all. As the family took their place around the old table a frail young boy slowly made his way into the room, leaning on his little crutch.

Tiny Tim is the youngest son of Bob Cratchit, Ebenezer Scrooge’s accounting clerk. Bob Cratchit was devoted to his son and his family. He picked up his son and carried him on his shoulders, elevating him from all his troubles, before placing him in his seat at the table. “God bless us every one!” Tiny Tim shouted with glee, despite his ailing condition.

“What is to become of the boy?” the dark haired marketeer asked in gloom, “I see a vacant seat,” replied his fellow curly haired marketeer “in the poor chimney-corner, and a crutch without an owner, carefully preserved. If these shadows remain unaltered by the future, the child will die”

With troubled and heavy hearts the marketeers walked back to the 120ADVERTISING office, their christmas cheer wiped away. Letting things go without being fixed was simply not in the DNA of the marketeers and as they went about their day the image of Tiny Time and his little crutch never ceased to haunt them. The sun set behind the old town and the team gathered for their usual after work get-together in the secret garden, but jokes were few and laughter was scarce.

“What has befallen you this lovely eve? Where has your marketing buzz and christmas spirit gone?” asked Gingerella, the carer of the 120 land, the marketeers told the tale of Tiny Tim and his little crutch and shared their burden with the rest of their team.

“Our job is to solve problems and solve problems we will” said Gingerella, “Let’s start a charity to help Tiny Tim”. Happiness spread in the room and all marketers went straight into action. They worked all night long, and all the next day. They called their connections, they let their clients know, they pulled every string they could and called the media to organise a special Christmas kindness charity. Their event planning skills did not fail, and all their hard work did not go to waste. By the eve of Christmas they had collected a great amount, and off they went to the Cratchit home to bring cheer about.

By the first light of Christmas day, Tiny Tim ran down the stairs leaving behind his crutch. He felt like a child again filled with energy and love. The Cratchits had stocked-up their fridge and cooked a large turkey for what was clearly the most important meal of the year.

The 120 marketers watched through the window one last time and their hearts were filled with joy and content. They continued down the path and to their grand 120ADVERTISING Jingle Mingle off they went.

Happy Holidays from 120ADVERTISING