120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and The Old Businessman

120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and The Old Businessman

An old toy store owner, by no fault of his own had become so poor that at last he had nothing left but three clients who held their dimes closely and had no intent to continue their business with him. With little left for him to do, the business man lay down quietly in his bed and fell asleep.

In the morning he was woken by a sound he had not heard in a long time; the ringtone of his work phone. It was a new customer asking for the opening hours of the toy store. Throughout the day customers kept visiting his shop and that week was the most profitable one in a long, long time.

By the end of the week his business had doubled, again by no doing of his own!

One evening before Christmas it befell him, his business had been growing while he slept through the night and he saw it thrive in the light of day. The toy store owner told his wife that he would stay up through the night and watch his desk, “What think you if we were to stay up tonight to see who it is that lends us this helping hand?”, the woman liked the idea, and lit the small lamp, and they hid themselves in a corner of the room behind some forgotten papers which lay on a table, and watched. When it was midnight a bearded man and a blond young lady swiftly entered the room and sat on the desk. They took their time and went through several social media pages, they whispered amongst each other and clicked some buttons, when they looked satisfied they quickly left.

The man, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, had to speak to them and find out who they were. The night following he stayed up and awaited their return. They came back and he walked out from hiding. They were startled and stared at him with big eyes.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” he asked, “and how have you transformed my entire business?” the man asked.

“We are the 120 marketeers and our job is to help businesses thrive” the blond young lady said. “We’ve promoted your toy store through all the social media channels and made sure the right people saw it”

The man was still baffled,

“The mistake you were making, is you had not enough exposure, this generation has changed. They no longer depend on their friendly neighbours, they depend on their facebook friends’ suggestions and likes” the bearded man said.

“You now have 5,350 likes on Facebook alone, these people and their friends now know the name of your toy store” the lady spoke again, “They trust it because their friends trust it, also because Facebook has showed them ads enough times so that they are not only aware of your company but also remember it”.

“Of course we’ve tweaked the content you’ve been using and created a new logo and design to help you present a solid brand” the bearded man said pointing at the screen.

The old toy store owner put on his reading glasses and looked closer, he took one more step closer to the screen for he could not believe what his eyes were seeing.

“This looks marvelous” the old man uttered, “It’s almost as if you understood my brand better than I ever did”

“It’s our job sir” the bearded man said while the young lady smiled.

“This is a Christmas miracle indeed” the man spoke to himself as he marvelled over his new brand. He looked up to thank the marketers who had transformed his business and his life but they had disappeared. He immediately felt their absence for they had filled his heart with joy. A note lay on the table which read “When your business is in need, you always have 120ADVERTISING to depend on, Merry Christmas”, and that Christmas was merry indeed.

Happy Holidays from 120ADVERTISING