120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Buddy the Lonely Horse

120 Xmas Fairy Tales : The Marketeers and Buddy the Lonely Horse

There once was a lonely horse named Buddy. The loneliest horse in the entire realm, some might say.

Many years ago the carousel where Buddy lived was the main attraction at the fair. It was especially glorious during the holiday season. Parents brought their children out to enjoy Christmas day and Buddy was proudly the main reason behind many smiles. He had golden hair, a glorious stance and a colourful harness. He carried children for merry rides, around and around and no other fair attraction could compete.

But children moved away from the outdoors and secluded themselves in dark rooms and in front of TV’s and mobile screens. The fair had shut down and Buddy was left behind, unattended and uncared for. 18 Christmas’s later darkness and loneliness had engulfed Buddy and he had no more hope left.

A light flashed in the distance and a three figures approached Buddy. Surely these are rebellious teenagers or lost children he thought but the figures stopped right in front of him.

“This is Buddy, he was the most beautiful horse in all the fair” the girl who stood in the middle said, “Christmas was not Christmas without him” she continued. “His colours are faded” another voice said, “and his harness is broken”. Despite the comments the three girls carried Buddy into the city lights and took him on a ride into the old town where Christmas was in the air at every lit corner. He was brought into a large office which had been turned into santa’s workshop. There, the rest of the marketeers were waiting.

“So, this is Buddy” said a tall man with prince-like charm, he seemed to be the leader of the team. Everyone marvelled for a few short minutes before getting straight into action; they dusted and cleaned and glued and added new decoration to Buddy until he felt clean and colourful again.

Finally the tall ginger lady showed Buddy a phone screen with his picture on it, “This is your app Buddy” she said, “children may no longer play with you but they will find you on their phones, welcome to the 21st century”.

Buddy was placed in his very own window in the 120ADVERTISING Jingle Mingle display where he gloriously stood, shinny, elegant and beautiful as he had once been. Children passed by and tugged their parents’ sleeves to stop and admire Buddy, the horse they had come to love on their phone apps.

Following that Christmas, Buddy was asked to join a new fair because he had become the most popular horse among all the children in town. If only Buddy had found the right marketeers who would keep him relevant and up-to-date, he would have never had 18 lonely years! But now Buddy became a happy horse. Some might say, the happiest horse in the entire realm.

Happy Holidays from 120ADVERTISING