120 Reasons to Love A Woman

120 Reasons to Love A Woman

Posted by: Dom Inique

She makes you mad, she makes you laugh, she makes you cry; but you wouldn’t want her any other way. Women were put on this Earth, to be loved, not understood.

To celebrate International Women’s day, we have whipped up 120 Reasons to Love A Woman – and it wasn’t that difficult. Here’s to all the super strong women out there, fighting every day to make the world a better place!

P.S. Never underestimate the power of a woman!

  1. She is a great listener
  2. She creates human life
  3. She has the power to make a house a home
  4. She can brighten up your darkest hour
  5. She is stronger than you think
  6. She is the calm
  7. She is the storm
  8. She possesses the sixth sense of female intuition
  9. She can use her PMS as a legal defense for murder
  10. She can organise a household, a family, herself, and still manage to work full time
  11. She’s the only person who knows the truth about whether size really matters
  12. She never gives up
  13. She loves unconditionally
  14. She doesn’t sweat, she glows!
  15. She is super supportive
  16. She is a multitasker. A mother, doctor, psychologist, wife, friend and much more
  17. She will put her children, partner, and family before herself
  18. She asks you how your day went; and actually listens to your answer
  19. She hugs you when you feel sad
  20. She hugs you when you feel happy
  21. She holds your hand when you’re scared
  22. She’d sacrifice her life to save yours
  23. She brings the sun screen to the beach
  24. She gives you gloves when it snows
  25. She makes the bed for you
  26. She smiles through her pain
  27. She makes plans for the future
  28. She is proud of you
  29. She will never run out of excuses
  30. She’s always right, even when she’s wrong
  31. She doesn’t let the world break her
  32. She is a problem solver
  33. She holds human life inside her for 9 months, and in her heart for a lifetime
  34. She teaches you to love
  35. She reassures you that everything will be alright
  36. She wakes up before everyone else to get things prepared
  37. She only sleeps knowing everyone is safe
  38. She is independent
  39. She is a protector
  40. She forgives
  41. She can make you laugh
  42. She feels your pain
  43. She doesn’t judge
  44. She’s intelligent
  45. She is full of passion
  46. She’s kind and nurturing
  47. She’s vivacious
  48. She loves you with all her heart
  49. She’s willing to compromise
  50. She will tell you when you are wrong, and help you make it right
  51. She’s honest
  52. She looks after you when you’re sick
  53. She keeps positive through the hardest times
  54. She supports your goals while pursuing her own
  55. She’s kind
  56. She accepts your flaws
  57. She has a strong opinion
  58. She is confident
  59. She is loyal
  60. She is decisive
  61. She is ambitious
  62. She is friendly and sociable
  63. She gets up and conquers the day
  64. She is a trusting friend
  65. She makes sure everything is in order
  66. She holds your hand through everything
  67. She keeps spirits high
  68. She is affectionate
  69. She is fearless
  70. She is patient
  71. She runs you a hot bath
  72. She brings out the best in you
  73. She’s a team player
  74. She takes care of herself
  75. She accepts your faults
  76. She cooks your favourite meal
  77. She stands up for herself
  78. She has integrity
  79. She isn’t narcissistic
  80. She can adore you
  81. She can hate you with all her heart
  82. She tells you how amazing you are
  83. She tells you how awful you are
  84. She smiles and cries at the same time
  85. She’s mad at you for no reason
  86. She waits for you
  87. She’s generous
  88. She’s happy
  89. She dreams big
  90. She calls you 40 times per day to check on you
  91. She takes the best selfies with you
  92. She tells her friends how awesome you are
  93. She tells her friends how awful you are
  94. She loves your friends
  95. She makes you feel important
  96. She laughs with your jokes
  97. She tells you the truth, even if you don’t like it
  98. She wants to spend her life with you
  99. She loves to dance
  100. She will sing with her entire soul, even if it doesn’t sound great
  101. She works hard
  102. She reassures you that everything is going to be ok
  103. She has your back
  104. She fights for what she wants
  105. She smashes things on the floor and apologises after
  106. She yells at you
  107. She drives you mad
  108. She’s never boring
  109. She kisses you on the forehead before you sleep
  110. She makes love to you
  111. She spends the day exploring with you
  112. She seduces you
  113. She’s the best thing in your life
  114. She smells yummy
  115. She never forgets you
  116. She gets up and continues if she falls
  117. She will give you the silent treatment even when she wants to explode
  118. She strives to reach her goals
  119. She never loses hope

“There’s No Wrong Way to Be a Woman” – Serena Williams